We need Guaranteed Housing Stability in Massachusetts

We’ve reach 1,324 signatures of the 2,000 goal

The coronavirus outbreak has been described as "the single most threatening pandemic to arise in the last century" and has plunged the economic system into a widespread shutdown the likes of which haven't been seen since the Great Depression.

As a result, tens of thousands of Massachusetts residents are now struggling to make rent or pay their mortgage. State Rep. Mike Connolly is working in partnership with housing justice organizers and colleagues in state and local government to advance legislation to stop evictions and foreclosures, freeze rents and mortgage payments, and guarantee Housing For All in Massachusetts.

Add your name to show support for these policies and to get updates about how you can help us win protections for renters, homeowners, and small businesses in our communities.

These policies include:

  • Housing Stability ActH. 4878, filed by Reps. Connolly and Honan and co-sponsored by Sen. Jehlen would cancel/ban evictions and foreclosures related to COVID-related income loss, and provide significant protections to tenants and small homeowners through 12 months after the COVID State of Emergency ends.
  • Right to Counsel Legislationbills filed by Sens. DiDomenico, Reps. Rogers, Day, and Tyler, and co-sponsored by Rep. Connolly and others, to ensure low income people have access to resources to prevent eviction and stabilize housing. 
  • Tenant Protection ActH.3924, filed by Reps. Connolly and Elugardo, now pending before Housing Committee, would lift the statewide ban on rent control and allow municipal officials to craft protections that make sense on the local level. In addition, HD.4956, filed by Reps. Sabadosa and Mark and co-sponsored by Rep. Connolly and others, would lift the statewide ban on rent control for the duration of the COVID-19 emergency.
  • Housing For AllH.3887, filed by Rep. Connolly and pending before the Revenue Committee, seeks hundreds of millions of dollars in additional funding to help end homelessness via a tax on large corporations.

By adding your name to this online petition, you will be indicating support for these general concepts. Rep. Connolly and our team will keep you informed on our efforts, keep you posted on ways you can advocate for these bills, and help you get connected with the Homes For All Massachusetts coalition and other grassroots groups who are working to advance this agenda.

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